Some of these posts are so friggin hard to read !

That is the feedback I get. Yes, true. Put me on that list also.

This is true even to the initiated. This IS hard stuff. Make no bones about it. The fact that some of these posts may be difficult to read is perhaps one litmus test of the fact that good information is being communicated here.

And also we all learn more when we revisit Kernel topics “100% understood”. No such thing.

These posts are supposed to get the “click” to those that may be thinking on these issues. And to get the interested members of our workforce trained up in the collaborative stupefying complexity that makes up the Linux kernel.

Kernel developers who wish to extend their reach beyond their immediate pales of influence and Systems/Applications developers will be the first-level benefactors. Also, the line between a great Linux System Admin and Systems programmer is beginning to blur..

Additionally, I do hope the following taken in the right light. I am merely being correct when I say that instructive posts such as those posted here are more than what I got when I got stared with Unix, and then Linux. We had to, and still have to struggle, though I will also add the ROI gets better with the years.

Now we have training sessions for the depths of the Kernel itself. We also discuss systems-level issues, and let the discussion go where it may (within the bounds of reason and time allocated to us). This is true with us, and elsewhere also we hope. These training sessions are very helpful, and this info based on student feedback.

Also, in these sessions, it then becomes clear just why an in-person instruction and Q&A may help clarify matters beyond what may be even reasonably or remotely possible in these blogs.

Some of our upcoming posts will deal the overall issues related to MPX / Multithreaded / Multicore systems. And their relationships to the Linux kernel itself. We also have a talk coming up at the Dojo on this topic. Please put in on your calender.

And we will be blogging a bit(! / lot) more on Huge Pages etc…Cheers !

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Anand is a veteran of Silicon Valley with development experience and patents that span Processors, Operating systems, Networking and Systems development. Anand has been working for the past few years with Service Providers and large Enterprises developing e and Training systems.
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