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LinuxEco Cross-Functional Quiz#1

OK… we have talked of Huge Pages in an earlier blog, and we have referred to Kernel Preemption.

So we know now a Huge TLB Page can be GB sized…. and so therefore it stands to reason that a preemption is involved somewhere in  kernel API hugetlb_fault. Right ? GF-rins.

SO … where is it that the Kernel is Possibly attempting a Preemption  on a page fault on a huge page ? More importantly, WHY would we do that ? Do we dig it now ? Haaaaaah ? Tell me then.

We explain these specific x86 and Linux Kernel features, concepts and more in detail in our class Advanced Kernel Memory Management , the second offering of which is to be made Corporate-direct. We suggest also   the Spring Session 2012 UCSC-Extension Advanced Linux Kernel Programming

Please take note of these and other upcoming Linux kernel training sessions. As always, Feedback, Questions and Comments are appreciated and will be responded to.

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