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startup_32 : In how many ways shall I say I Love Thee ?

OK ! I am just talking atleast about about a startup_32 here.

But given that this routine ( or rather two routines with identical name but in different directories) get used at boot time, one after the other…. one just has to say I love thee atleast twice. Perhaps more.


The startup_32 in the “kernel” area is the starting point for the execution of the “decompressed” kernel. It IS in x86 assembly. And guess the … what ? IT IS … located at the C0100000 watermark (per /proc/kallsyms). Atleast for

And it is also where the mapping for the first 8M of memory (Identity and Non-Identity mapped) will be set up before paging is enabled so that both the relocated high-mem to the 3G of PAGE_OFFSET (C0000000) and non-relocated addresses may be addressed by the processor, if only for the duration of the jump (Grep swapper_pg_dir within this file, or better yet grep for “Enable Paging”). This jump is the one that clears the processors prefetch queue just so TLBs may be used for the fetch of the first non-identity mapped instruction following the execution of the jump.

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